Custom Audience Campaigns

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Custom Audience Campaigns
Custom Audience Campaigns
Custom Audience Campaigns
Custom Audience Campaigns
Custom Audience Campaigns
Custom Audience Campaigns
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The biggest flaw about outbound emailing for leads is that the majority of those who open you emails don't reply, even when you've followed up with them and they've opened several times. Most people write these off and move on.

NOT ANYMORE, our team knows how to take everyone in each of your outbound campaigns and target them directly with ads from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and several other popular website your targets visit every day.

The best part is, you aren't paying for low quality clicks, you are pay for clicks on ads with your exact specifications. Increase your outbound efforts conversion rate significantly with inbox re-targeting.

This service is for companies with active outbound campaigns.

Requires an outbound list over 3500 emails or more for true performance.

Check out our lead lists here:

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What you can expect:
  • Targeted contextual advertisements
  • More conversions on outbound campaigns
  • No hassle management and ad budget covered
  • High-fives on sales
  • Ad Budget Included
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What we need from you:
  • A very clear explanation of your sales process, product, or service that you would like to promote to your targeted list.
  • We need you to pick a single social media channel: Google, Facebook, or Twitter
  • 3500 Emails from your current database or purchase 3500.
  • *Disclaimer: Maximum Number of Emails: 5000
  • Select multiple channels: Google Display, Google Search, Facebook, or Twitter.
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  • How much will this increase Outbound Conversions?
  • Typically a minimum of 20% per 3500 email sequences.
  • What type of business will this work for?
  • This works great for Sales Teams, Recruiters, and Start-ups looking to pitch PR sources.
  • Who wouldn't this work for?
  • It works for B2C facing companies but typically requires a much higher volume of contacts per campaign to be highly successful for your ROI.
  • How fast can we get started?
  • Once you hand off your list and current outbound campaign emails, unless purchased from Savvy Hustlers, we start creating your campaigns and have them launched in less than 72 hours.
  • What if I don't like the results?
  • Due to the nature of these campaigns covering the cost of your ads, we cannot offer a refund. Although, we will continue to run advertisements beyond the 30 day period until you are happy with the results.
  • How does this work exactly?
  • You tell us about what your campaigns are focused on and we craft advertisements that match your sales, recruitment, or pitch campaign messages.