100 Daily Emails and custom lead list.

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100 Daily Emails and custom lead list.
100 Daily Emails and custom lead list.
100 Daily Emails and custom lead list.
100 Daily Emails and custom lead list.
100 Daily Emails and custom lead list.
100 Daily Emails and custom lead list.
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Our team is focused on helping companies streamline outreach as if we were an in-house Sales Development Representative.

We will source a lead list based on your criteria and even offer feedback on how to be more specific.

Example 1: SaaS Companies founded in the last 18 months, who have raised money in 6 or less months, that have a team 10 or less, and currently use Mixpanel.

Example 2: Shopify Stores with over 20,000 unique visits, that were founded in the last 3 years, currently using Kissmetrics.

Our targeting for sourcing lead lists is the most dynamic system currently available.

Here are some of our advance fields:

Technology Spend
Technology Usage
Unique Website Usage
Advertising Spend

and much more. please visit our support page for the different dynamic reports and lead lists types available.

All team member emails will be fully detailed, including First Name, Last Name, Social Accounts, Image, Position, Seniority, and location information. These fields are also obtained for the companies they work for.

All lead lists are compatible with all major CRMs.

After you have a lead list sourced, we will start emailing your approved lists daily in batches as stated above. We will do this using either a single email or sequence, its completely up to you.

We do not provide email templates, although will be offering advice on your sequence. Please check out our support page for upcoming and current templates available for download.

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What you can expect:
  • Weekly Reporting
  • Hyper-Targeted Custom Lead List Monthly
  • Daily Emails on Week Days
  • Email Template A/B Testing and Feedback
  • High-Five on sales!
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What we need from you:
  • We will need your email sequence templates or use of our free templates.
  • We will need you to add MX records & TXT records to your DNS.
  • Detailed Product Market Fit profile for companies and point of contacts.
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  • How does this work exactly?
  • Once you either purchase or hand off your contact list and email templates, we set them up in our system. Then we proceed to provide feedback on your current template and list. List validation will be conducted in-order to find out whether or not your emails are valid unless purchased from Savvy Hustlers. We will also provide feedback on your current email template and make updates. Campaigns typically start 24 to 48 hours after purchase and requirements are fulfilled.
  • Is it ok to buy leads and email them?
  • Yes it's industry standard to use purchased leads for outbound sales. Companies like Box, Salesforce and Zendesk use these strategies with their sales teams. That said, there are guidelines that you must follow to stay compliant. We can help guide you along the way if you need help.
  • What type of business will this work for?
  • Companies with large total addressable markets, an existing sales process, high LTV (pricing with $100/mo or annual contract). The industries it tends to perform with include eCommerce, analytics, sales, IT, marketing or HR. Of course a good website and product help too.
  • Who wouldn't this work for?
  • Small markets with geography restrictions, less than 5,000 companies to sell to. If you are unable to communicate ideal customer profile, or if you have a low LTV product.
  • How fast can we get started?
  • No training or ramp time required. Sign up on Monday and start talking to prospects by Friday. If the channel works, you can pour more fuel on the fire and see immediate results.
  • What if I don't like the results?
  • Cancel anytime and if we don't deliver what what promised, we'll give you your money back
  • What types of businesses is this gig ideal for?
  • This is ideal for any business that is looking to connect with their potential consumers. Some of the most popular industries include: IT services, Agencies, Technology, Startups, Recruiters and Healthcare, pretty much any B2B account based sales or SaaS.